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Why Us?

If you're looking for an easy way to sell your products online without compromising your store's looks or features, our Ecommerce solutions are the answers you've been looking for. We make your Ecommerce web site:

  • Dynamically interactive and allow you to easily keep in touch with your clients, products and reports.
  • Custom web design of complete web site.
  • Secure Merchant account integration for online Credit Card, Digital Check payment.
  • Meta tag generation for search engine submission.
  • Up to 50 Email account setup.
  •  Discounts/Promotion Codes (self-manageable).
  • Ecommerce Web design hosting setup (if required).
  • Online Inventory tracking and reporting.
  • Back end control panel to manage customer accounts.
  • Complete detailed visitor stats.
  • Automated online reporting system with auto Emails.
  • Online shipping integration. Zip code and online weight calculation (UPS or Fed ex etc.).
  • Self-Manageable Catalogue for online product display.
  • Up to 15 auto Email submissions and auto generated messages.

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JS Logics Inc. :: Background and Expertise

JS Logics Consulting helps your business grow at the speed of light. In today's world you must use technology to access not only vital information quickly, but also to keep communications channels open between your company and the world.
Short description of Major Clients and Portals
Client Name Technology/Services
NYC Department Of Education Web Development, Portal Management
Salon Savings I.T Management Solutions, Ecommerce Portals
Brunschwig & Fils Web Design, Development, Store Management
Mazza Contracting Design Develop Website Portal
Candle Greetings Web Design, Development, Real Time Processing, Shipping, Store Management
Heart Pak Labs Web Design, Development, Ecommerce Portals

Our Solutions
Based in New York in the Northeast USA, JS Logics Inc. specializes in graphic design, multimedia and ecommerce web solutions utilizing Microsoft Technologies.

JS Logics Inc. has a detailed knowledge of internet based services and a substantial portfolio of websites ranging from basic advertising to give the client an internet presence, to fully fledged ecommerce solutions with secure online payment facilities and database driven catalogues of products for sale. With a thorough knowledge of search engine optimization techniques not only do JS Logics solutions look and function well but also rank highly in all the major search engines.

On the other hand, the company's print based services range from corporate branding and brand development and logo design, to corporate literature including leaflets, brochures and business stationery.
With many years of experience and such diverse clients as New York City Department Of Education, Con Edison, Salon Savings and Brunschwig & Fils Inc. JS Logics brand development expertise has the creative edge to help businesses grow.

Meetings and Discussions

JS Logics can provide the fastest technical support available. We understand the value of time. Our proven design and maintenance programs increase productivity to the highest levels in the industry.

JS Logics is truly the simple solution for your business needs.

  • Our solutions are proven to be cost effective. 
  • We provide 24/7 support our clients.
  • Peerless Expertise.
  • Direct support lines to Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Compaq and more.