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JS Logics can provide you with the expertise required to run your enterprise online. From small business to Fortune 500, JS Logics can help you in every aspect along the road to e-commerce. From site development and promotion to business logic, fulfillment, security, customer support, and internal policies, we consider all touch points to ensure your business will gain and retain satisfied customers.

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JS Logics Inc. has successfully developed Enterprise Solutions, E-Commerce Portals (B2B and B2C), M-Commerce Applications, ASP Portals, Client Server business applications and product development using MS .NET environment. JS Logics Inc.’s experience as a company with MS .NET development architecture has already crossed hundreds of hours working on over 20 challenging projects.

At JS Logics Inc. we have technically strong team of software engineers to take challenges and deliver most complicated and time pressure jobs. The team comprises of senior project managers, designers, developers and architects for prestigious projects.

JS Logics Inc. has internally developed Microsoft technology based frameworks that enable a developer to jump-start into development right away, without worrying about the intricacies behind database connectivity, File I/O, error handling, session and application management. These frameworks encapsulate implementation level details of repetitive code in ASP and COM components. The framework is created to help speed up development time and build web applications with fewer complexities. Using these frameworks, majority of the efforts is focused on the business logic or functionality implementation.