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Without customers there would be no business. It is important to us that you are happy with the service JS Logics Inc. is providing. If you're not, you will not return to us or recommend our services to others. We endeavour to solve technical issues within 24 hours of the request being logged. If it cannot be solved within 24 hours you will be given an estimated resolution time and will be kept informed of progress until the issue is resolved. 

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JS Logics provides Web sites development, maintenance and hosting services for a majority of our clients. Our easy-to-use support system allows you to request updates to your site with a simple email and is handled in-house by our dedicated support staff. Maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your site between redesigns and will encourage people to revisit the site more often if they know it is going to be current and up to date.

Web Site Analysis

Reviewing an existing site to make sure that it complies with specific requirements or addresses a specific audience properly. Usability Analysis The usability of a Web site is often more important than the visual design. A prime example is Google. A simple functional Web site is often more practical and a better business tool than one with tons of Flash or navigation.

Security Analysis

The security of a Web site goes well beyond making sure it is properly placed behind a firewall. We review the entire process to ensure that all transactions are encrypted as necessary and that information is handled by a controlled process internally by the client. Marketing Analysis Our background in marketing allows us to consider your entire marketing effort in the promotion of your site or product. We consider all avenues of marketing, including brand research and development, public relations, advertising, and your media schedule to ensure that we are complementing and/or driving your marketing efforts.

Web Site Hosting

JS Logic’s high-speed redundant network and secure server facility is the perfect location for hosting your Web site. We have set up multiple gigabit fiber-optic circuits into our dedicated server cage. This network is fully redundant, and any interruptions in service from one carrier will not affect the ability of your site to be used. We have ample storage and bandwidth to handle the most intensive broadband applications such as video streaming

Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization process begins with a thorough review of your Web site, your competition, and your market to determine the keywords or phrases that we determine will have the highest impact on your site traffic. Once the keywords have been determined, we will provide page-by-page optimization suggestions for your site and will work with you to implement those changes and provide ongoing optimization services.

Online Invitations and Promotions

We have developed several different interactive invitations, trade show notifications, and trade show contest campaigns. These campaigns are typically sent out to the client's contact list and/or a list that is obtained from the show. The purpose is to help drive traffic to the booth, and we often send them multiple times before the show to ensure the best possible response.

Online Public Relations

Online PR is more than using public relations techniques online. We will develop custom programs for companies to hit the online marketplace where customers are: blogs, message boards, news groups, and private sites. We also provide competitive research and regular reports to keep our clients informed of any potential issues that are occurring online. As many people have realized, the Internet is the first place people go when they have an issue or opinion. Having a presence online will allow you to maintain control of the situation before it gets out of control. 

Email Hosting

Our email service is a feature-rich application that offers both IMAP and POP email accounts, Web mail, and spam filters. This is a perfect solution for clients who are not interested in setting up and maintaining their own internal email servers, but who would like control over users and need more advanced functionality than a standard email account.

Web Site Maintenance

The creation of a site is only part of our involvement with a client. The ongoing maintenance of the site is just as important. A well-maintained site can live longer between redesigns, keeps your customers informed, and allows you to get the most from your Web site. All maintenance is handled through an online ticket system to ensure accurate time tracking and keep you up to date on the progress of your request. Maintenance requests are handled from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Local Ongoing Support

In addition to regular Web site maintenance, JS Logics provides local Internet experts to help you with additional technology needs such as email, Blackberry, systems integration and marketing support. Search Engine Advertising JS Logics manages and maintains several search engine advertising campaigns on several different sites. Search engine advertising is paying to be listed in the sponsored links sections on search sites. These positions are pay per click positions which means that each time someone clicks on your ad or link, your account will be charged for that click. The ongoing management of these accounts allows us to modify them as necessary to maintain the best ROI for the overall campaign.

Email Broadcasting

One of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with your customers is through email broadcasting. We have developed a system to allow us to easily add segregated contact lists, handle all opt-out information, and update mailing information. Our email broadcast system can send both HTML and text messages to ensure that you are communicating to your customers in the manner that they prefer. All broadcasts include measurement and reporting on the effectiveness of the campaign.